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Okay so im sure you guys recognize the bro cosplayer ( in this photoset. He’s a pretty good friend of mine and is pretty well known for the photos of his cosplay above. What does that have to do with the other photos? This awesome person is the con chair of a new convention in Nashville, TN!! Thats right guys! He’s running his own convention! It actually takes place this weekend! We’re all very excited to see this event happen, especially after over a year of lots of hard work (blood, sweat, and tears not excluded of course). But I need a bit of help! I really want to get the word out there for him! Its a bit late for me to be doing this, but it never hurts to try!

A bit more info on the con! The con is called Akai-Con! FB page here: where you can find more information! As well as the FB event page:

As you can see from some of the pictures above, we have Tiffany Grant, Eric Stuart, and Vedetta Marie appearing as guests there! But they arent the only ones who are gonna be there! There are several other musical and vocal guests to be there, as well as a packed dealers room and artists alley and a ton of panels!! Not to mention a formal dance, a rave, gaming rooms, and a cosplay contest! For $35 for a three day badge nonetheless! 

Long story short! Its gonna be an AMAZING event, and there’s been a ton of work put into this. Not just on the con chairs part, but on my part and several other people’s as well. All I really want you to do is at least check it out and signal boost/ spread the word for me! And if you can come please do! It’s gonna be a BLAST, and we’d all be so excited to share the fun with you guys! But first thing is first. Share this! Like and reblog the snot out of this and get the news out there! Go go go! Myself and the con chair would love it if this could get a ton of notes!! And if you can come, we hope to see ya there!

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